IPS Community Suite 4.1.19

نسخه جدید اسکریپت انجمن ساز IPS Community Suite ورژن 4.1.19 هم اکنون میتونید رایگان از لارسا دانلود کنید.

تغییراتی که در این نسخه مشاهده میکنید IPS Community Suite 4.1.19

IPS Community Suite 4.1.19

A new moderator setting to restrict users from ignoring moderators.
A new group setting to allow members to lock their own content.
A new group setting to hide a group from filters in search.
When moving content moderators are now prompted for where you want to be redirected after the action.
Activity Streams can be created with condensed view as default.
An email is now sent when an account is locked for too many bad login attempts.
When editing a member in the AdminCP, it will now show how much of their messenger storage quota is being used.


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